Copeland Davis

About Copeland

Remember that name,
Copeland Davis. This first
concert of the season had
a special guest performer,
someone we've seen
before, Copeland Davis,
whose prodigious talents
as a pianist inspired a
standing ovation at the
end of his first piece with
the orchestra, Didn't
He brings a rare mix
of gifts to the keyboard -
first abounding warmth
that shines through his
presence on the stage,
but, foremost, his ability
to fuse blues, jazz, pop,
and classical in one
piece. I have seen some
great jazz pianists and
the only ones I remember
having this ability are the
late Oscar Peterson and
Claude Bolling.
-Lacunae Musing

Copeland Davis is a
resident of Florida and is
a fine pianist. He plays
everything from classical
to jazz...he writes his own
-Richard Hayman
World Famous

Listeners congregate at
Copeland Davis concerts
as if he were the Pied
Piper of the piano.
-Palm Beach Post

Pianist Copeland Davis
has established a
reputation for himself as
one of the best
symphonic jazz
musicians in the
-Boston Globe

Renowned piano player
Copeland Davis regularly
entertained at the Brique
-Palm Beach: Then And
"Tonight Show" Introduction by Burt Reynolds
Whether it is solo piano, combo or teamed with a full
Copeland Davis resounds with a stage presence that make
every performance a magical musical experience!

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